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Grand ma lived till the age of 94, and all through her last years, we took care of her as a family right at home . It never occurred to us that one day we will be providing other families care similar to what we provided to our own grand ma. In February of 2018, we opened Metro Boston Home Care. We are firm believers in the healing power in a home setting. Our role is to make every single hour as joyful as possible. We aren't entertainers, but we attach value on the quality of companionship, and other services that we provide to seniors, minute by minute. Something as simple as making a cup of coffee for a client, the way the client likes it, and serving it at the right moment. Its the little things, combined, that make up a day. A smile here, a smile there. Just like we took care of our own grand ma, today, we are scaling up to pass on the same good experience and care to  several other families. To us, Metro Boston Home Care in Somerville, and neighboring cities, isn't just a business, it's our way of enhancing the hidden natural healing power in each home. 

What do we offer?


 Awesome care for seniors in their own homes. Every client has an Individualized Care Plan. Whether its 24/7 care or just one hour a week, we are here to help. We offer non medical help with activities of daily living, light meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, home chores, hospital sitters, companionship or escorting you to a Doctor's appointment. Every client has his own needs, hence the need for custom care plans. We go above and beyond to make every service we offer awesome 

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